Friday, July 23, 2010

Well, it IS that time of year...

Bonnie is predicted to descend on New Orleans early Sunday morning. This will be the first tropical storm of the season to hit the coast, and all I can do is hope that it stays a tropical storm. I really wish I had another rain barrel too, so we could have more back-up water. Oh well.

So I might be out of contact for a while, depending on how long the power goes out for. My chickens made it through Gustav, so I know they'll be okay, but I'm worried about the bee hive and the new bean plants. I hope they don't get too beat up.

Perhaps what bothers me most about Bonnie is that she doesn't seem to understand that tropical storms and hurricanes are not supposed to hit until after I've gone back to work. I need those storm days in late August or September to re-energize. Now she's just messing with my schedule.

Off to copy out calls for submissions on Duotrope so I have something to do when the power is off.

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