Novels and Novellas
Storm Summer
A young adult historical adventure

Chosen second best book of 2016 by Blue Books Reviews

Ghosts, Monsters, and Men: Tales of the Supernatural
A collection of horror and paranormal tales.

Short Stories
“A Curl of Scar: A Langston Pierpont Mystery”
Detective Langston Pierpont is hired to investigate the mysterious death of a young woman, but his solution is out of this world.
“Songbirds: A Langston Pierpont Mystery”
In this short story, Langston Pierpont finds himself on This time, a seductress needs him to bring her sister home, and Langston has no power to refuse her. What the sister is up to, though, proves to be as big a shock as who the sisters are.
“The Asylum Musicale”
“Curse of the Son of Fenrir”
Heavy Metal Horror
Out of print
“Gran’s Prophesy”
An Honest Lie Volume One: Encouraging the Delinquency of Your Inner Child
Out of print
“Martina Gets the Last Word”
An Honest Lie Volume Two: Delusions of Insignificance
Out of print
Things We Are Not
“Tangwen’s Last Heist”
Out of print
“Trouble Arrived”
Hellbore and Rue
Out of print
Journals and Magazines
“Genesis 1.5”
Magazine, Volume One, Issue One
Out of print
Crossed Genres, Issue Seven “Urban”
Out of print
“Schrodinger's Ghosts”
"The Dean's Cat" issue of Thema, June 2010
Out of print
2009 Ellipsis, University of New Orleans
Out of print
“Da Hessians”
The Copperfield Review
Finalist in the Crossed Genres' Flash Fiction Contest
“This Neighborhood”
“To Wade Alone”
On the Premises, Second Place “First” Contest
“The Trouble with Chips”

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