Thursday, November 22, 2012

Requisite Thanksgiving Blog Post

So it's Thursday, it's Thanksgiving... I feel that calls for thirteen things. Here are thirteen things I'm thankful for on this Thanksgiving Thursday.

  1. Alliteration.
  2. My husband who worked with me on my days off this week to build a new coop for my chickens.
  3. Yellow Dog, who is the stray that lives among the weeds and rubble of the vacant lot next door. No one can catch him, he won't let me get within ten feet of him, but he is our first line of defense! Right now he's standing sentry at the front gate, facing the street, ready to attach any bicycles or cars that dare threaten the block.
  4. My own dogs, Zato and Hamlet. They are getting on and years, but still make a good team in home protection, plate cleaning, and snuggles.
  5. Fashion inspiration at five a.m. I now know what to where to opening day at the track today.
  6. This flippin' weather. It's been outstanding.
  7. Winter break is less than a month away.
  8. Hot tea.
  9. An east facing front porch in winter.
  10. Work, work, and more work.
  11. My readers, if any are still out there. I promise to finish and publish something soon. Really.
  12. My friends, family, and coworkers. Their kindness, generosity, and good cheer constantly amaze me!
  13. Whatever is coming next!

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