Monday, October 1, 2012

Model Research Essay

Here is a model essay, showing in-text citation and the proper bibliography/ works cited. While the formatting may be a bit wonky, this is essentially what students should be turning in. Remember the works cited should be on its own page.

Corina Calsing
12 April 2012
Room 235

My Favorite Thing:
Interior Design

I knew what British Colonial meant when I was in junior high school. I refinished furniture and restained flooring and painted walls. I changed drapes and rearranged items in glass jars on my dresser. Even from a young age, I loved interior design. Nothing makes me feel happier than picking out colors and finding new ways to express myself through the decorations in my home. If I could have a new career, it would definitely be interior design. To become an interior designer, I have to do three things: study, apprentice, and then build a business of my own. All this work could take years, but I think I would be happier on the other end.
Unfortunately, this is not an easy career to get in to. It takes years of study to become an interior designer. First, I would have to get an associate’s degree, which takes two years. One school I could attend is Delgado Community College. According to their Web site, they offer a seventy-two-credit program to prepare me for a career in this field. If I can take twelve units a semester, it will take me six semesters, or three years, to finish. One of the most nerve-wracking parts of this is the idea of having to take an exam to get a license after I’ve finished my course work! The exam site says, “The NCIDQ Examination consists of two multiple-choice sections and a drawing practicum entirely focused on health, safety and welfare.” That is probably going to take a lot of studying and practice. The drawing part sounds like the hardest, because I will have to actually draw plans based on information they give me. I am already imagining what those might look like…
After my two years of college, I will get an internship or apprenticeship program. That means I will have to work under another designer. The brochure says this can take 5,280 hours. That’s 660 work days… That seems like a really long time! I will need to find a mentor that I get along with. Personality conflicts could make those days seem even longer. There are many benefits to having a mentor, though. She will be able to help me get clients, learn how to run a business, and network with contractors and builders.
Finally I will get my own business! This will definitely take the most work and money! I will have to get business cards, an office, furniture… Everything so I have a place to work that looks just like the offices on HGTV. I’ll have to decorate some rooms and create a portfolio to show potential clients too.
When I think about it, I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t want to be an interior designer. After all, we would get to make people everyday by giving them beautiful places to live. Even though it may take a long time for me to become an interior designer, I think it will definitely be worth. Maybe someday I’ll be able to decorate your home!

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