Sunday, January 8, 2012

Under a House

Here are some things you will probably find while doing renovation work under a house in New Orleans. It is supported with anecdotal evidence.
  • Car tires, some still on rims.
  • Tricycle parts
  • Pepsi bottles with the old, foam shrinkwrap labels on them. You remember those? They used to have them at the Chinese place on Palm Street in San Luis Obispo. I used to try to tear off the foam label in one long spiral.
  • Chip bags with the graphics you remember from when you were a kid. Man, Chester Cheetah has really changed.
  • Broken, antique bottles that would be worth something if they were whole.
  • Old pipe that they replaced and then just left there.
  • Thousands of plastic shopping bags whose integrity has broken down. They create a sort of distopian mat of dirty, fluttery snow flakes. And they always conceal broken bottles.

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