Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Forward Progress

My last blog was my 100th post. No one gave me free tickets to anything, or a glass of champagne, or key chain. A key chain would have been nice. In fact, I didn't even notice it until just now when I logged in to my make my weekly contribution. To celebrate, as soon as I am done with this, I'm going to have a rum punch. I was going to drink one anyway, but now I will put a slice of orange and a little umbrella in it to make it special.

Yesterday's landmark was this -- I sold out of my first box of All Along the Pacific copies. All the money I made on those is going to buy more copies. I suppose it's a little optimistic to think there are more than twenty-five people who want my book, but I will find them. I will, dammit.

Another landmark today -- Sugar Park has reopened. There are some places you miss when they are gone, and lament each passing day that they remain gone. Sugar Park was one of those places. Maybe I look back on those years the bar was at 800 France Street as particularly special because they sandwich either side of Katrina, and Sugar Park was a place we all gathered to trade news, offer help, and generally feel normal. The place has changed -- not a bar anymore, more of a cafe -- but the faces and the food remain the same. The location link on this blog is their new address. Friend them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. It will be worth it.

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