Saturday, October 16, 2010


I'm writing a steampunk short story right now. It also happens to be a detective story. While I have dabbled in the steampunk genre -- my first novella was a steampunk story -- I have not written mysteries or detective stories. Steampunk seems like a good setting to dabble in with mysteries, since it sort of harkens back to Sherlock Holmes in the style.

So anyway, I have about a week to finish this short story. I was hoping to make it a short-short, but the set-up is taking a bit longer than I hoped. Maybe I'll cut it later, but probably not.

In other news, I only have seven votes in the Honest Lie Volume Two contest. If you haven't voted please do so here:

And if you'd like to buy your advanced copy, check out and click on the heart to earn me 500 votes and order your copy today.

And next month, we should finally see All Along the Pacific, so I hope you've saved some money for that!

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