Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chickens in the Hizouse (is that how you spell it?)

We've been trying to hatch another clutch of chicks, but the timing has been off. We've been getting one a week, and in the melee of bodies in the hen-house, they're not surviving. So Pat decided to bring the latest one inside. It's living in a cage behind my desk, sprawled out on its belly beneath a red heat lamp like you'd see at a fast-food restaurant. It has a hard time staying awake. I think it even falls asleep standing sometimes. It twitches a lot while it sleeps, and I wonder what a day-old chicken could be dreaming about.

I'm worried to death about it, so I keep looking over my shoulder, and my neck is getting stiff. It also breaks my concentration, but we have nowhere else to put it right now.

In other news, I got to see a mock-up of the cover of All Along the Pacific this week. Quite thrilled since I have started booking some blog dates and interviews to promote it.

This should be available within the next month or so for order, and then after some logistics are figured out, it will be for sale in some shops and galleries on both the Central Coast of California and in New Orleans.

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