Saturday, April 10, 2010


I didn't get an iPad. I probably won't get an iPad. And that makes me very sad. I actually find it quite ironic that, despite the fact that I write quite a bit for the electronic publishing industry, I don't even own an ebook reader. In fact, I find reading ebooks feels too much like work. My editing is done exclusively on the computer, for example.

On to other things:

If you live in the New Orleans and would like the opportunity to have your work edited professionally by me for significantly less than what it could normally cost, you have two opportunities coming up. First, Sunday, April 18, Belle Chasse Academy will be hosting a silent auction. It will be at Warren's Corner in Algiers from 3 to 7 in the afternoon. I have donated editing services for one novel, up to 100,000 words. This can be worth as much as $900! It probably won't be a high-demand item, so come on down and bid on what is sure to be an awesome deal.

In June, you will have another opportunity to bid on the same package at the New Orleans Food Coop auction. Stay tuned in to their Web site for more information.

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