Saturday, November 7, 2009

"An Honest Lie" is for sale

If you are going to buy it, buy it here. Each purchase through this link counts as five hundred votes for me in the publishing deal contest. If I win, we could see either Storm Summer, or All Along the Pacific, or less likely, The Mechanical Ghost published.

With my begging out of the way, I'm back to work. I have 1700 words to get done today on the book, but I'd like to do 2500, which would put me at a solid one quarter of the word count. I might also take a little trip down Highway 23 to do some fact finding. First, we're going to buy a picnic at Steins on Magazine Street, I think. Pat is really looking forward to the tongue sandwiches; his grandfather used to make them for him. I think I'll go with corned beef, or maybe a bagel with salmon cream cheese. But I will definitely get some cheesecake to wash it all down.

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