Saturday, July 11, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion

Today I finally finished up edits on "Gran's Prophecy" which will appear in An Honest Lie, due out in the fall. I'm definitely glad the process is over. I do have to say that it was quite thorough. Probably, due to the phone calls, emails, edits, and other correspondences, this has been the most professional publication process I've entered into.

This week, I have a post Apocolypse story to send out (due on Wednesday) and a rewrite of an old, old story about Lilith to submit to an anthology. My acceptance rate is down to 33 percent now, but I will keep working at it. Hopefully once the revisions on those are done, I'll be able to get started on something new.

In addition, if you are at all interested in having an entree to bring me up in conversation, I've created for you T-shirts on Cafe Press. Check out my store where you can buy cute "She is my favorite writer" shirts, with my Web site and blog site on the back. If you'd like to be a little cheeky, I've also made "I am my favorite writer" T's, but you will still have to put up with my addresses on the back. Ten percent of all proceeds I get from my Cafe Press store go to Habitat for Humanity, New Orleans, to help with our recovery.

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