Saturday, July 25, 2009

Read an interview, a review, and a story

This has been up since the beginning of the month, but I just found it today as I did one of those lovely, ego-boosting Google searches of my own name. This is an interview I did for the editors of "An Honest Lie." That picture is of me in my grandparent's trailer when I was about two, I think.

And here's a review of "Mars-side" I hadn't known about either.

And finally, here is the On the Premise "First" second-place contest winner, "To Wade Alone." This story comes from my unpublished collection/ thesis All Along the Pacific (the title is a nod to Bob Dylan). It is loosely, loosely based on my great-great aunt who worked in the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus at the turn of the last century. Do a search for "Bertha Carnahan" and circus or midget and you'll find many mentions of her.

Now it's back to work!

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