Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another publication

During my last semester at the University of New Orleans, my regular workshop leader was Joseph Boyden, who's not just a great writer, but a really nice guy to boot. His wife, Amanda Boyden also stepped in for a few classes. She has a keen eye and a great understanding of how publishing works. I learned a lot, even though I'd already completed most of the program.

During one of Amanda's classes, she gave us an exercise (one I'd done with Joseph the previous year). We got on a slip of paper a person in a scenario -- something totally outside our realm of experience -- and tried to write from that person's POV. Men got "pregnant woman in labor," young women got "old man watiting for social security check," that sort of thing (not actual examples from class; I just thought those up now).

The one I got was something to the effect of "ten-year-old boy witnesses parents' death." I wrote a voice piece, in my best Irish dialect, about an old man looking back into the events of his childhood in the 1780s. The Copperfield Review will publish it in the summer edition, which should be posted 31 July. It's less than one thousand words, so it should take no time to read.

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