Thursday, July 12, 2018

When Pie is Punishment

I've joined a lot of homesteading and pioneering groups on Facebook recently in an effort to get motivated to work my 1.1 acres here in Hawaii. A recent post had a comment which started, "Take your favorite sour cream and raisin pie recipe..." I laughed aloud because, who has a favorite sour cream and raisin pie recipe? I have a favorite peanut butter pie recipe, and a favorite key lime pie recipe. I also have a favorite apple pie recipe. But sour cream and raisin?

Now, this sour cream and rains pie is a pie with which I am not familiar. I assumed, correctly, that it had to be some regional favorite. I also assumed that it would have to have booze in it.

I was wrong about the latter. Which made me wonder, why would anyone eat a raisin pie without booze in it? It feels like a pie that is made to punish you rather than be enjoyed. Like, oh, you want pie? Fine, but it's going to have raisins in it. I viewed several slices online, and I thought to myself, now if those were blueberries, maybe we'd have something.

But raisins?

I don't really like raisins. If my grapes are going to be old, they'd better be in wine.

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