Monday, September 17, 2012

Outlining, directions and sample

First, a great resource on outlining is at Below is a sample outline I'm working on for my sample research paper on green iguanas.

Corina Calsing
13 September 2012
Writing, period 1

Outline for Research Paper: Green Iguanas
I. Introduction
    A. Hook
    B. Thesis
    C. Summary of subtopic
II. Body paragraph – Diet
    A. Fruit
       1. Mango
           a. Green/ unripe mango
           b. Ripe mango
       2. Bananas
           a. Frozen – does not like
           b. Too ripe – does not like
           c. Slightly firm, a little green
       3. Other fruits on occasion
           a. Strawberries
           b. blueberries
    B. Vegetables
      1. Collards
      2. Mustard greens
      3. Green bell peppers
      4. Other veggies
           a. Cassava -- cooked
           b. Green beans
           c. Peas
    C. Water
    D. Kibble
III. Body paragraph – Habitat
    A. Cage
    B. Bedding
    C. Heat source
IV. Body paragraph –Training
V. Conclusion