Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our nation's capital

Our tour guide got in a fight -- it did not come to blows, but seemed close -- with a woman today because he directed our bus driver to park at a city bus stop. The lady was waiting for a ride, apparently -- though not for a bus -- and she took offense to the tour guide's attitude. There was much cursing and talking to the hand. I wanted to use this as some sort of metaphor for my trip here to Washington D.C., but my mind  is too melty and has stopped functioning. I can think of nothing apt or apropos -- look, I'm even writing redundancies.

The gift shops are filled with trinkets made in China, for the most part, many of the same items you can buy in Pensacola Beach or on Bourbon Street, but emblazoned with D.C. instead of N.O. Another metaphor there for another time.

Tomorrow we get out of the city to visit Mount Vernon. I'm hoping for a bit more history and a bit less flash there, but we'll see.