Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vampire Tour

Last night I went, with my friends from out of town, on the New Orleans vampire tour from Haunted History. It wasn't...that bad. He told some interesting stories, but I did have to call foul on a few. Like he had the bit about the casket girls wrong at the Ursuline Convent.

Today, still playing tourist, I'm off to do the plantations on LA 18. I'm also hoping to pick up a pawpaw at a nursery out there. They had them a few weeks back when I called.

The screenplay is going quite well. I think I'll have a first draft done far sooner than expected, and then I'll go in and rewrite, sprinkling in foreshadowing and that type of thing. I like the Celtx program. It's a totally free download for the basic form, and it's really easy to use. Keeps track of all the characters and such. Really nice.

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