Friday, August 6, 2010

Garden and publishing updates

Well, first off my taro and beans are doing quite well despite the oppressive heat here in the South lately. It's been just awful. The bees too are getting comfortable. They'd built some comb in the wrong place, and haven't moved out of the cardboard box their temporary hive was in and out into the top bar hive, but I put a hole in the back of the box so they can be all "Oh man! Look at all this real estate back here!" rather than thinking the box inside the hive was all the space they had.

This week marked two milestones for me. First, I've earned a grand as a writer. Yes, when you add everything up over the last few years, I finally cleared $1000. So I could live, oh, about a week and a half on that. If only I'd saved it all...

Second, I received the token advance for All Along the Pacific. That means the contract's in, the artwork's in, and I've been paid. I guess a book will happen! I still can't believe it, really. Perhaps I should be working on a follow-up. Publishers usually like you to have more than one thing to sell... Darn. Off to work then.

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