Saturday, September 5, 2009

"This Neighborhood" is up

Here is the link to read "This Neighborhood" at the Flashquake site. I already shared the story behind this piece in an earlier blog.

On Wednesday night last week, I attended the opening of the New Orleans Film Museum, which is housed within the Southern Food and Beverage Museum in the Riverwalk Mall near the
Convention Center. Right now, the movie portion consists of about 300 square feet of corridor, with posters and a timeline of what movies were made here and when. Eventually, however, the musuem will take up another one thousand square feet or more and contain a lot of artifacts from films. The organizer mentioned that films have been shot in Louisiana since 1896, though they haven't found definitive proof of that. I'm a fan of SoFAB Museum, so I'm glad that they're adding further attractions to bring in more sightseers. I can't wait for the expanded film section, which is scheduled to open in December.

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  1. Hi CB,

    Great story. I read and reviewed one of your poems on ReviewFuse and was just looking through some of the reviews I had done lately. Clicked on your profile there and found the blog. Thought I'd follow. I love New Orleans. Even if it makes you feel lazy to write about it, I think there are tons of folks who love to read about it.